Stefan Hogan’s professional background and his passion for representing screenwriters whose work is unique and engaging

I became passionate about film during the independent wave of the 1990s – thrilled by the visuals of “Run Lola Run” and the dialogue and characters of “The Sweet Hereafter”. So I relished the opportunity to be a Set Production Assistant (PA) on amazing crews: “Keeping the Faith,” dir. by Edward Norton; “25th Hour,” dir. by Spike Lee; and “Bad Company,” dir. by Joel Schumacher.

After finishing college with a degree in opera, I took off for Europe, where I have honed my communication skills by teaching English and writing for a newspaper. In 2008, I returned to the arts by becoming a talent manager to screenwriters so I could advocate for their vision and help them make the right decisions for their career.

The people behind “Kelly’s Bar” have been extremely dedicated, and I have learned an enormous amount about Canada’s fascinating film landscape. I’m currently repping Michele Hogan’s newest screenplay, “The Jade Taotie”, a fascinating mystery/thriller.